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The long awaited wedding of your child is a beautiful experience, all the way up to the day. The last thing you want to feel unprepared for, stress over, or just not feel great about... is what you're wearing to the wedding!

We hear this several times a month at Leal. “I am mother of the bride/groom, but I do not want to look like the mother of….”. We also hear about the twenty plus dresses that you ordered online that you returned because they did not look like the photo, fit like you thought or just generally did not work.

Shopping for that really special outfit, whether it is for your child’s wedding or for any other very significant event takes several elements to be done right….and by "right" we mean with a minimum amount of stress.

1. Engage With an Expert

First things first... Find yourself an expert. Not just a friend you trust to make you feel good but lack the actual help of decision making. Look for people who have experience with special events and fashion. Plus, they will continue to look for options while you have gotten sick of shopping. Guaranteed to find some really unique dresses this way, and with a fraction of the stress!

2. Get Fitted

Next, you want to make sure you are expertly fitted. Every body type can find a look they feel great in, its just about understanding what works best together. From cuts, to lengths and even the material, you will want to make sure you try on different dress styles to identify what you should be shopping for.

3. Options Options Options

You want to make sure you see yourself in OPTIONS. If you feel you have found the perfect dress in your first go in the fitting room, congratulations! It isn't always that easy... so make sure to try different colors, silhouettes, and lengths.

4. Accessorize

Ensure you are properly accessorized, including undergarments. Having someone help with this part will guarantee that you won't forget any part of your outfit(s) for the weddings events. From Jewelery, shoes, covers, scarves, hats, gloves, handbags and more.

What I am really saying is you need some TLC. Wandering around a big department store or bridal shop, hoping you find a sales associate is as bad as wondering around the worldwide web hoping you happen upon that perfect dress.

If you come to Leal, we will spend TIME with you. We listen to what our clients want. We offer a variety of options, give you custom choices and provide you with the opportunity to try on several different silhouettes. It can take time to figure out what neckline looks best on you, what length, what colors, etc. We provide expertise to help you figure all that out.

We have twenty plus years of experience in helping women find that very special outfit. We appreciate that fact that you will in many cases be looking at photos that commemorate the special event for years to come. We also respect the fact that on a very special day you do not want to be thinking about how uncomfortable you are because your outfit is just not right.

So where to buy dresses in Columbus Ohio? Here at Leal, we take the stress out of the process. We will make sure you have fun and leave you feeling and looking great!

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