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This photo caught my eye. I think this woman perfectly captures effortless style.

Most of us would love to look like this walking through an airport, right? Everything is working for her. She has a “look”. She has a “style”. Achieving the “look” does take some effort.

The good news is you do not have to be a 5’-11” supermodel to succeed.

Any woman can find her look, her style. It usually just takes a strategy with a goal and an “expert” to help you. That expert can be a wardrobe consultant, a trusted friend and/or someone like me. My goal is that I am both consultant and friend for my clients at my shop, Leal Boutique.

I can tell you some women are better than others at identifying their style and all of us need help finding the pieces that help us achieve it. I thought I might share some of the mistakes and pitfalls I have seen some women make over the years while, also give you some good strategies.

The Friend

When I see women rely on friends for help, they sometimes forget or overlook the fact that the friend, no matter how well-intentioned, does not have great style. Or if the friend has a style, maybe that style works for them…but does it translate for you? I frequently have women come into Leal with a friend to help them chose a special occasion outfit. We understand the desire for a support network but I can tell you that shopping by committee rarely works. Too many opinions, too many agendas lead to bad decisions or no decisions.

How to Use Fashion Advice

Women frequently go to an expert for a color analysis or a body type analysis. They are told what colors look best on them or what shape or styles look best. While this can be helpful, some women take the advice too literally. Most experts that perform these types of services will tell you that their advice is a guideline. I have seen women pass up pieces that look fabulous because they cross check some swatch or form they carry around and the piece does not fit. Parameters are good but they should never be too rigid.

Don't Focus on What You Hate

Try not to always focus on the one part of your body you hate the most! Every woman does this. If we decide we hate our legs, every garment we put on is evaluated based on how it makes our legs look. Trust me, I have had women put on a t-shirt and ask me if I think it makes her legs look fat. Truly, we cannot see past what we see as our worst flaw. Do not evaluate everything based on that. Not to say that it is wrong to be conscious of and do our best to camouflage our less than perfect parts. Just try not to hyper focus!

We Can ALL Look Stylish

We all have the ability to look this put together. Trust yourself and find that good second opinion. Just know, most of us are way too hard on ourselves. I have dressed women in every shape and size and seen them all find a look that makes them look fabulous. It is so much fun helping them discover it!

Call us today to nail this style on you!

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