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A new vendor, product and service at Leal. LEAL is now offering vintage Chanel. We have found the PREMIER dealer of vintage Chanel in the United States. CLASSIC COCO. We are partnering with Classic Coco to bring rare and one of a kind CHANEL pieces to Leal for you.

Classic Coco offers not only classic handbag styles but also rare and hard to find accessories and jewelry. Some pieces offered were made only for “the Runway” and are coveted by collectors all over the world.Connie Leal met the owner and founder of Classic Coco a few years ago in New York City when she was on the hunt for her own vintage Chanel bag.

Alexandra Steinberg was showing her collection at a NYC trade show. Connie purchased her own bag and a relationship was formed. Recently, Alexandra decided to reach out to a few select boutiques around the country to expand her business. She called on Leal and a partnership was formed.

Come see what we have to offer….OR, if you are looking for something specific, we will help you find it.


With this specific brand focus, Classic Coco specializes in providing the most coveted, and, highly curated collection of classic and rare archival Chanel vintage handbags and jewelry in the industry.

Owning a Chanel vintage accessory is owning a piece of Chanel history and its respected craftsmanship. Chanel vintage craftsmanship is like no other brand, including modern day Chanel.All Chanel vintage accessories are handmade in France or Italy, and, are made with 24k gold plating. Each vintage accessory is unique, in that no two are the same in condition, season or style. Conversely, new Chanel accessories are no longer handmade, and, no longer have gold plating.

As a result, there is a very high-demand for vintage Chanel accessories, and, Classic Coco is the ultimate source of Chanel vintage accessories. Authenticity Guarantee Policy: Founder, Alexandra has been authenticating, sourcing and appraising Chanel pre-owned and vintage merchandise for over a decade.

Classic Coco guarantees authenticity and condition on all of our products or your money back! All of the descriptions accurately describe the products and all of the photos are of the actual product you will receive.

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