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Don't feel overwhelmed by indecisiveness!

If you are like me, I love visiting a beautiful website and checking out the vast choices. I almost always find several things I am interested in. I add them to my shopping cart… BUT then begins my problem. I end up with too many things in my shopping cart, it feels unmanageable because I don't know what to choose... so I abandon the cart.

Now I have wasted 30 minutes of my time minimum, and I have nothing to show for it. I often wish I could pick up the phone and engage a sales EXPERT that really knows his or her stuff, that could help me narrow and focus my potential purchase. Many times if you call customer service, you get a BOT or an uninformed operator with no understanding of the actual merchandise.

We are improving that process on our Leal Boutique website. If it is during normal business hours, call or text us while you are shopping our site. We will give you immediate expert assistance. If it is after hours, leave a message and we will return your call the next business day.

We want your online shopping experience to be as personal and highly assisted as if you were shopping in person at Leal. We are here for you….physically and REMOTELY.

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